ICT Tutorial for HSC Students

Governments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have challenged to face the vision of 21st century to upgrade our country as Digital Bangladesh.  The Ministry of Education adds in higher secondary level ICT (Information and Communication Technology) subject with 100 marks as compulsory from session 2013-14. Intellectual authority has included various important topics in the syllabus of ICT but there is no primary discussion about ICT. The most of the new higher secondary students do not have primary knowledge about ICT specially those students who live in rural area. There are no enough theoretical and practical skilled teachers about this subject the majority of college’s because this is a new subject. Though in these colleges have one or two computers, majorities of these computers are slower or inactive and insufficient for the amount of students. As a result, teachers of different subjects have to finish their syllabus normally and the students get more number as touch and pass system. So, the students are not gathering proper knowledge of ICT to build themselves for 21st century. Finally our prime vision of Digital Bangladesh is going to un-hopeful situation.

In this circumstance, my little sharing is ICT Tutorial.

Chapter 1 : Information & Communication Technology : World & Bangladesh

Chapter 2 : Data Communication & Computer Network Part-1

Chapter 2 : Data Communication & Computer Network Part-2

Chapter 3 : Number System & Digital Device

Chapter 4 : Web Design & HTML

Chapter 5 : Programming Language

Chapter 6 : Database Management System